The Conservative party is a party of equal opportunities, a party of fairness and a party in which families can put their trust in. We at the Brent Central Conservative Association are a party that knows Brent and its people, cares about Brent and and commit to ensuring the success of Brent.

Our members are a diverse mix of British people in Brent that come from all walks of life, some of whom have born and raised in Brent, others that have lived in Brent for decades and it transform into the prosperous borough it now is, thanks to its hard working and dedicated residents. We have the knowledge, the experience and with your support, we will have the power to bring the best of the borough.

We as a community in Brent have everything a flourishing community needs. Our diversity makes us unique, our talent makes us creative, our stories make us inspiring and our causes make us passionate. The Brent Central Conservative Association wants to remove all barriers in our community. We, with the people of Brent want to build the foundations for everyone to build on their dreams within our unique community to turn Brent into a safe and prosperous borough that families can put their trust in.

Leadership of the Brent Central Conservatives

President: Bertha Joseph

Chairwoman: Sapna Chadha

Deputy Chair Political: James Sibley

Deputy Chair Membership: Ed Young

Treasurer: Kieron Walker

Website and Social Media Officer: Matej Travnicek

Events Officer: Annabella Ibru

as elected by the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Brent Central Conservative Association

held on Wednesday 22nd January 2020