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BCCA Hosts David Gauke MP

The Brent Central Conservative Association hosted the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, the Rt. Hon. David Gauke MP, for dinner on 6th July 2017.

BCCA Proposals on Adult Social Care

There are 3,974 elderly and vulnerable adults currently receiving some form of social care support in Brent.  Demand for social care services is set to grow rapidly over the coming years, as the UK population ages and people live longer lives. 

Beds in Sheds

Virendra Patel, of Valley Drive, Kingsbury, rented out the building to a family-of-six for four years before he was caught by council chiefs during a crackdown on illegal outhouses in Brent.The 58-year-old had applied for a building certificate for the outhouse, saying it would be used for storage or a gym but once it was granted he moved his tenants in.After he was caught he tried to argue that building was immune from enforcement action as it was older than four years, but the town hall used a new-style Planning Enforcement Order, which is part of the Localism Act 2012, to override the rule because the building had been deliberately concealed.Patel challenged the application, telling the court that he hadn’t deliberately hidden his tenants, didn’t realise they had to pay council tax and it was a ‘coincidence’ that they moved in soon after the certificate was grantedHowever, District Judge Cooper, sitting at Hendon Magistrates Court last week, ordered him to demolish the building and pay £11,703 in legal costs.Cllr George Crane, Brent Council’s lead member for regeneration and major projects said: “This is a fantastic result for the council and unscrupulous landlords who flout planning laws should take note.“We are at the forefront of using new planning powers to tackle beds in sheds, which are often cramped, with poor facilities, cause problems for neighbours and lead to overcrowding putting a huge strain on local amenities.“Brent Council wants good homes for local people and we are doing everything we can to raise standards. Beds in sheds simply aren’t good enough and we will stamp them out.”In July 2012 the council were awarded a 163,745 grant from central government to tackle ‘beds in sheds’.

Cannabis factory

Cannabis factory found in warehouse in Wembley

Brent councillor who lives in Brighton is visited by Willesden resident

A Brent councillor who refuses to give up his seat despite moving 80 miles has been visited by an angry resident over the weekend.Kierra Box, of Roundwood Road, Willesden, jumped on a train and travelled down to Brighton to confront Cllr Rev David Clues after he failed to respond to her emails and phone calls.But, the married father, who represents the Dudden Hill ward, was not at his vicarage at St Bartholomew’s Church.Ms Box said: “It’s ridiculous that he is still my councillor because there are a number of changes going on in Brent and this is time when we need our councillors to support and stand up for us.“Not only is he taking none of his regular duties seriously but he’s not even taking care of very basic things like responding to emails which are achievable from Brighton. It’s clear he has lost any interest in Dudden Hill.”Cllr Clues has clung on to his Lib Dem seat despite moving away from St Mary’s Church in Neasden Lane, in December 2011 by attending one meeting every six months.By doing so he prevents triggering a by-election and can continue to claim an annual allowance of £7,974.The two other ward councillors Aslam Choudry and Krupesh Hirani represent Labour.Ms Box added: “He is in a very well-respected church in Brighton and I can imagine he is living a cushy life.“If he wants to be a vicar in a nice cushy church he should resign and give us a councillor who is active.”In a new twist, Cllr Rev David Clues pledged on national television to give up his seat after he was featured on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme last night.Calling his position ‘anomalous’, he added: “I’m in the process of resigning. My intention all along was to do what I could for my constituents as long as I could but I recognise that’s not realistic and I don’t think it’s fair on them.”Cllr Clues failed to answer or return calls from the Times

Free gym memberships for Brent residents who get on their bikes

Leisure centre bosses are encouraging Brent residents to get on the bikes by offering them a free gym memberships if they do so.To mark this year’s annual Bike Week, Vale Farm and Willesden Sports Centres are giving away three-day passes to anyone who cycles to either venue and quotes ‘bike week’ at reception.Harpers Fitness, who manages both leisure centres, is hoping the incentive will help increase the number of people taking part in cycling celebrations across the UK.Kevin Yates, head of fitness, marketing and communications at Harpers Fitness, said: “We are so pleased to be able support Bike Week. It is really important for people in the community to get involved in exercise this summer!“We want to encourage local residents to visit our leisure centres and see how much fun exercise can be.”Bike Week started on Saturday and will continue until June 23.For more information about both sports centres visit www.harpersfitness.co.uk.